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MollyBrook Newfoundland's

Located in:
South East, Ohio

Email Address:


Thank you for your interest in our Newfs.
Our primary objectives are to produce Newfs with pleasant
disposition, exceptional health, without losing their natural
working instincts, and physical appeal.

Our facilities are located approximately one hour east of
Cincinnati, Ohio. We own 9+ Acres; Partially fenced for the Newfs.

None of our Newfs spend 24 hours in the kennel; each has his or her own kennel run to eat their meals spend quiet time and sleep at night. They spend most of their time in the "Newf Yard" where they can run, play, dig chew on trees, swim and just be happy dogs.
We spend quality time with each of our Newfs, going for walks in the woods, swimming, carting and riding in the van to visit different places and people.

We breed only dogs free of hereditary and congenital defects.Subaortic Stenosis (SAS) which is a heart defect, Hips and Elbows Displasia, which can cause crippling are the most common in Newfs.
Our Newfs are certified free of hip and elbow Displasia through the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) and hearts are cleared by a licensed Cardiologist. Only those meeting these requirements are used in our breeding program.
 Whether you are purchasing a Newf for companionship or show prospect it is important to know their pedigree. Ask questions about hearts, hips, elbows, and other problems in the line, You may not plan on showing or breeding your Newf, but it can be heartbreaking to find
out your pet is crippled at six (6) months of age from Displasia or passes away suddenly because of heart failure. Not to mention other problems that could plaque your Newf.
No line is free from all hereditary problems, but you should be given the facts to make your own choices.
Our puppies are generally ready to go to their new homes after eight (8) weeks of age. All puppies will have been heart cleared by a Cardiologist, received their first vaccinations and been wormed. You will receive a five (5) generation Pedigree, Agreement/ Guarantee, shot record, feeding schedule and a lot of other helpful material.

We do not breed for profit, all income received is directly used to care for the Newfs and their facilities. We breed purely for the love of the Newfs and the goal to produce health and longevity in the breed. We can only continue to produce beautiful healthy Newfs with your help.
As you know Newfs are a large breed, 115 lb to 170 lb are our scale, but may sometimes surprise you with 150 lb at maturity. They also have the coat to match the size. Coats also range slightly in texture and length.
All Newfs require regular grooming to keep them looking their best and skin healthy.
We require all pups to participate in an obedience and/or show handing class on or before four (4) months of age. Most organizations will have a puppy kindergarten, starting pups as young as three (3) months. Keep in mind the size your pup will be at six (6) months if it gains weight at approximately ten (10) pounds a month 60 lbs. Give or take 5 to 10 lbs.
Newfoundland’s are very gentle and willing to please, hence the phrase “Gentle Giant”.
They may be born with the gentleness, but will have to be taught manners and obedience.
Two most important things we will ask of you other than taking wonderful care of our babies, is keep us updated on a regular basis. Letting us know if there are any problems or questions concerning each pup through out his or her entire life. We also ask that hips and elbows be x-rayed at one (1) year of age. If you would be willing to do this for us, and your Newf; you would be a valuable asset to our breeding program.
In return you can expect us to be available and willing to help throughout your pups entire life.
Now that you have decided to join our family, Please complete the enclosed Newf Placement Information Sheet. The information that we ask will help us to know you and your family better and to understand what type of puppy would best suit your lifestyle. All information is strictly confidential and used only by us (Ken & Karen Dunaway).

When we except this form and deposit you will be put on our waiting list. Our waiting list works on a first come first serve basis providing that we have the right puppy available, to suit your needs (sex, color, temperament etc.) If the right puppy does not become available from the litter due, your $100.00 deposit will be refunded at your request. You may also reserve your position for future litters.
Please call or write if you have any questions or concerns. Our mutual trust, understanding and honesty are very important to this relationship.
 If you do not have an obedience school, vet or crate, now is the time to look into these things, not after you new pup has come home.
Please use any additional space to add any other information you wish to share with us.
I would appreciate if you would give us a little insight into the expectations you may have for this new addition to your family.
We hope you will consider becoming a member of our growing Newf Family.
We are looking forward to talking more with you.
Please feel free to set up a time to visiting our Newfoundland’s.
A application can be obtained by emailing us at:




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