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No longer will you greet me, waiting with those ever knowing eyes.
It happened so quickly. One moment we were together and the next...
You had gone from me...Forever.  The hillside overlooking the river
belongs to you now.  You had always loved the river so, and I knew
you would want to be near your favorite place.  It's been years since
I laid you to rest, but your memory lives on in... My Mind and My Heart.

I remember the first time I saw you, only weeks old, and ready for someone
to love.  You were so very cute and affectionate, I must have loved you from
the first time I touched you. I still remember how quickly you grew, and your
desire to be with me constantly. Whether I was out walking or horseback riding
you were right there with me - slow to keep up at first, but...In no time leading the
way for each new adventure.  You were such a silly girl. Did you really think
you could catch those rain drops, or was that just another game to make me laugh?
Why you chased that cat is a mystery to me, when bedtime rolled around the two of
you were best buddies, even sharing the same blanket.  Then there was the day you
dug up the floor in the barn.  Yes you finally caught that mouse you were after, but I
did not think we would ever fill in the three-foot holes you left behind.  We had such
great fun together, you were a wonderful friend.  You always understood me, you
were so very special to me.  I loved you so much, I never realized that one day you
might leave me.  When you did leave, I lost my friend.  Not just a pet but a Member
of my Family.
I just want to thank you for having been a part of my life.  I want you to know I will
always miss you.  I want you to know my love for you will never die. The pain of losing
you is still there, but you left something precious behind.

You left a wealth of memories that will definitely last a lifetime.




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